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Database Group Goals

The goal of the CIMT database group is to develop the architecture to locate, retrieve, and utilize information collected in the coastal ocean environment by CIMT and non-CIMT programs. Towards this goal, the group has developed a data archival and retrieval system for historical and real-time datasets from oceanographic surveys and autonomous instrumentation.

CIMT Database

The core component of the data dissemination system is the relational database. In addition, CIMT has developed a web-based tool to simplify and verify the integrity of metadata records. Database and metadata collection are compliant with established federal standards and COTS recommendations:

  • It follows Ocean.US Data Management and Communication Subcommittee (DMAC) guidelines
  • Metadata are compliant with Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standards

These datasets are available to a variety of users including local residents, educators, and governmental decision makers, in addition to the oceanographic and atmospheric scientific communities.


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