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The CIMT has brought together various ship board data sets (zooplankton and krill) along with sea surface temperature accessed via satellites, with moorings mounted in the water data sets (water and air temperature, salinity and meteorological data such as wind speed and direction) to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the ocean environment in Monterey Bay. The biological data displayed has been collected from 2003-2006 and the sea surface temperature and mooring data is provided in near real time. We have chosen to use a geographic information system (GIS) for our product display to illustrate our ability to integrate various data sets in a spatial view. This format also provides a nice looking quality map print out. We hope that you will find this to be a useful tool as you plug and play to gain a better understanding of the dynamic nature of our Monterey Bay oceanographic environment.


GIS Data

Click here to view buoy, sea surface temperature, and shipboard data.


How to navigate your way around the website.

Data found on the GIS info page includes:

1. Bouy Data from M0, M1, & M2: (Meterology, Sea Surface Temperature (SST), sub-surface temperature & salinity, & currents)

2. Sea Surface Temperature (SST)

3. Shipboard Data: Monthly average for zooplankton and krill for the Monterey Bay area dating back to 2003

*Note: Because of software limitations, you cannot have your browser at full screen if you minimize the browser just a bit it should be fine.*



Located in the top-left quadrant of the screen. Only one tool can be used at a time. When you click on a tool, the name of it appears on the bottom-left corner of your screen.



Bouy Data (M0, M1, M2):


Bouy's measure the following:

- Meterology
- Sea surface temperature (SST) and salinity
- Sub surface temperature and salinity
- Currents

Data from these bouys usually show data taken from the previous week. In order to view this information, move your cursor over the buoy you are interested in. A small box wih the desired information will appear, click on the information you would like to view.


You can turn the bouys on or off (making them visible or not visible on the Monterey Bay map), to turn on or off, simply click the box located next to the buoy text on the right-hand side of the screen.



Sea Surface Temperature (SST):

There are two areas to click in order to find information about SST.

  1. To find SST information for a particular day and time of a certain year (going as far back as February 2007) you can click on the drop down menu found towards the top on the right hand side of the screen.

    SST DropDownMenu

    Here you can browse the menu of dates. When you click on a day it will overlay a map onto the Monterey Bay image in the middle of the screen. The legend located on the left-hand side of the screen will interpret the color overlay.

    SST Choices SST Legend

    *Some data sets do not contain any data, if you choose a specific date and the map appears grey, that means there is no data for that specific set.*

  2. For more in-depth SST info, choose the link “Click here for SST info.” This will take you to the Biological and Satellite Oceanography Laboratory website.

    indepth SST


Shipboard Data (Zooplankton & Krill):

Shipboard data consists of monthly averages for zooplankton and krill for the Monterey Bay. All shipboard data is located on the right-hand side of your screen and dates back to 2003, scroll down to view more.

shipboard data


To view the data for a particular month and year, click on the small grey box located to the left of the desired data set text. Ex: Zooplankton for the month of June 2003.


You can view and download a larger version of the map for the desired shipboard survey by clicking on the blue text for that particular month and year. (*if you click on a month and year and the map is grey, that means there is no krill or zooplankton data for that particular month*)

backscatter for June example

You can also choose a few different shipboard survey maps to layer onto the Monterey Bay visual by clicking on the grey boxes located to the left of the desired month, it is HIGHLY recommended to click ONE map at a time and let it load completely before clicking on another map. If you click a few all at once, it most likely will only load one map. To get rid of one or more maps you are viewing, simple deselect that month by clicking on the checked box.

multiple maps
Image: Multiple maps selected.


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