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High Frequency (HF) radar group has created a robust, real-time data system that has provided continuous, hourly surface ocean current maps over Monterey Bay since August 2003. By integrating observations from University of California's Multifrequency Coastal Radar (MCR) system and the commercially available CODAR systems, a hybrid CODAR-MCR HF radar network was created that

  • improves real-time surface current coverage, reliability, and user products, and
  • provides new mapping options for over water winds and waves.
Product Development
The CIMT program is focused on increasing the diversity of user products built around surface currents observations. Real-time maps of coastal ocean surface currents and simulations of drifter movements are available on-line. Planned products include projecting tidal and the sub-tidal movements forward up to 24 hours to provide better tools for hazardous spill mitigation or search and rescue operations.


NOAA HazMat Safe Seas Excercise August 7-10, 2006 in San Francisco
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