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Executive Summary
CIMT Mission  

To create a coastal ocean observing and forecasting system that provides a scientific basis for the management and conservation of Monterey Bay, and serves as a model for all of California 's coastal marine resources and the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).



CIMT Vision
To understand the relationship between the dynamics of the physical environment in California 's coastal ocean and biological productivity, from wind to whales.


  • Use the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary as a regional model
  • Review current coastal upwelling monitoring programs
  • Determine data gaps
  • Develop new instrumentation to fill gaps
  • Archive and integrate new and old data sets across networks and programs
  • Develop user-friendly data access and visualization interfaces
  • Determine the processes underlying coastal dynamics
  • Develop predictive models
  • Monitoring Program: Create an interdisciplinary team to identify the needs and technological solutions to monitor Monterey Bay ’s upwelling ecosystem.
  • Develop New Technologies: Develop new technologies to measure key components in the system
  • Integration of Data: Integrate diverse data sets across disciplines and programs
  • Research: Collect data at compatible temporal and spatial resolution
  • Data Dissemination: Develop a coordinated software system for the acquisition, organization, visualization, archiving and access or physical, biological, and chemical coastal marine data sets
  • Outreach: Develop strong linkages between the CIMT researchers and product end-users