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The role of the CIMT remote sensing group is to provide remotely sensed products (airborne, satellite and animal tagging) within the MBNMS. We are routinely producing products including:
  • Sea Surface Temperature (SST) from AVHRR and MODIS
  • Chlorophyll biomass from SeaWiFS
  • Light attenuation (K 490 ) from SeaWiFS
  • Colored dissolved material (CDM) from SeaWiFS
  • Temperature profiles, dive profiles, and movement data from tagged sea lions
  • Airborne estimates of ocean color, temperature, and atmospheric properties

These data sources are used to characterize large-scale physical features (~1 km resolution for satellites, 10’s of meters for airborne, and meter to kilometer resolution for tagged animals). The data also are provided to other groups, particularly the shipboard component, for integration into their products.




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