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**Please note that as of July 31st 2008, the CIMT website will no longer be updated. The Center for Integrated Marine Technologies (CIMT) has been a non-operational program since 8-1-2007 and as of 7-31-2008 the program will be ending. We hope that you will find this static page a useful reference of the many ocean observing activities that have occurred over the past six years. There are still many useful links including the historical CIMT database and informational fact sheets. Some of CIMT’s research programs and products will continue through the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS) , as well as through the ongoing research of its principal investigators.

Recommended sites to visit


  • Brand New! Central and Northern California Ocean Observing (CeNCOOS) Success Stories:
    These success stories demonstrate project successes and highlights collaborative partners of CeNCOOS.

    • Red Tide Response: Ocean Observations Benefit Local Abalone Industry [ PDF ]
  • Community TV of Santa Cruz

    • Raphael Kudela, Mary Silver, and Jason Smith can be seen on community television to discuss the health of the world's oceans.

      Santa Cruz County Public Access
      Comcast 27/Charter 73
      -Saturday, May 12th: 1:00am & 12:00pm
      -Sunday, May 13th: 11:00am & 4:00pm

    Hot off the web!

    • NASA Website Article featuring Dan Costa, Mike Weise, and Yi Chao: Satellites and Sea Lions: Working Together to Improve Ocean Models...(more)


Press Releases

News Articles
  • NASA Website: Satellites and Sea Lions Working Together to Improve Ocean Models
    | Link |

  • National Geographic Website Seals, Sea Lions, Satellites, help map the ocean
    | Link |

  • NPR: "Unusual year’ imperils sea life: Rescue groups, researchers puzzle over environmental shift
    | Link | Listen MediaPlayer |
  • Santa Cruz Plankton Go Missing
    | Link | PDF |
  • San Francisco Chronicle: Sea Life in Peril
    | Link | PDF |
  • Mercury News: Radar System Taking Pulse of the Pacific
    | Link | PDF |
  • ScienceNOW Daily News:  Pollutant Levels Rising in Open Water
    | Link |

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