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The ship survey working group provides synoptic data sets of the Monterey Bay region by making simultaneous measurement of the following parameters during monthly oceanographic cruises:
  • Sea surface temperature
  • Water temperature with depth
  • Macronutrient distribution and abundance
  • Micronutrient distribution and abundance
  • Sea surface chlorophyll
  • Sea surface and profiled optical properties
  • Phytoplankton community structure
  • Zooplankton abundance and distribution
  • Zooplankton community structure
  • Schooling fish distribution and relative abundance
Survey Schedules and Location

CIMT shipboard surveys are conducted nine months of the year, utilizing existing grids of transects (5 – 12 nautical miles in length) spaced 3 nautical miles apart.  




  2007 Cruise Dates 2006 Cruise Dates
  January 23-24 January 24-27
  March 6-9 March 14-17
  May 8-11 May 2-5
  June 5-8 June 27-30
  July 10-13 July 25-26
  August 7-10 August 29-Sept. 1
  October 9-12 September 25-29
    October 20-23
    November 7-10
Summaries of disciplines within the Ship Survey group (pdf format)
Marine biology: Top-level consumers to Physical Processes
Biological Responses to Physical & Chemical Processes
Chemical Oceanography: Distribution of Trace Metals
Zooplankton Abundance & Distribution
Physical oceanography
Biological Oceanography: Local Abundance of HABs